Title of Manuscript :
Manuscript should be submitted the form of 'author name.hwp'file, and in case there are many authors then 'author name-keyword.hwp'file is needed.
The entire draft was prepared on A4 sized paper in Korean line spacing of 160% including English abstract, bibliography, tables, figures, and explanation as well as the text.
Text consisted of cover page abstract in English, Key words, main text, acknowledgement, reference, tables and figures in separated page. Main text consisted of introduction, subjects and methods, results, discussion and conclusion.(exception : review article, case report)
Serial number was filled out in every page of the manuscript.(cover page : serial number 1)
Abbreviation of terminology was used at least. Abbreviation was not used in the title, abbreviation was filled out in brackets at first appearance of terminology in main text. Abbreviation of terminology used in table and figure was described.
The organization and name of author are not recorded in the manuscript for examination.
The name of drugs or pesticides are written in italics (English only)
Cover page
Title(Korean & English), publication type, name of authors(Korean & English), affiliation(Korean & English), name and contract details of the corresponding author(address, telephone number, E-mail) were described.
Running head is placed on the end of cover, over 30 letters in Korean title or 15 words in English title.
Abstract (English)
Contents of abstract should be placed in order listed (Objectives, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Key Words). The abstract is prepared as no more than 250 words for original article and no more than 150 words for case or brief report.
Three to six Key Words have been attached.
English abstract is examined and corrected by staff.
All references were written in English.
Broad search internal and international journal
Number of reference was less than 40, references were cited and marked in form of superscript in main text.
The name of magazines are marked as abbreviation of Index Medicus
Name of authors was written in the form of Last name, First name initial.
Academic paper: author name, title, name of magazine, year of publication;volume;starting page-ending page. Books: author name, name of books, number of books:publishing company. year of publication : number of page
The title and explanation of tables are prepared in English.
The title of table is placed on the top of table, brief and explanatory.
Abbreviation used in tables are explained separately at the bottom.
Table itself was understandable well, there is non-overlap between table and main text, figure.
The number of tables are checked again to see whether they are correct and same as the text.
Figures or photographs are prepared large enough and clearly to be unaffected even if they are reduced in the printing process.
Figures or photographs with color were gathered in minimum pages.
Figure Explanation
Explanation of figure is written in English, only the first letter is capitalized, the rest is all marked with lower cases.
The explanation of figure did not simply written the title and can be understood adequately because the detail explaining figure are included.
※ Circle or check all applicable items.
Date :
author :